BA Painting - Fine Arts

BA Painting - Fine Arts


In any field of human activity, you need the skills and training of a professional artist.

As a graduate of the BA PAINTING - FINE ARTS program, at the Faculty of Visual Arts and Design in Iași, you will build and affirm your career as a professional visual artist, specialized in traditional and modern practice and painting theory; you will be able to access the national and international circuit of contemporary art galleries and museums. By accessing the pedagogical module, you can become a teacher, in any educational institution, at national and international level.

For the benefits of independence and recognition of the activity of artistic creation, remember that talent is a gift given to a few people. If you have talent and passion in the field of visual arts, contact us!

The "George Enescu" National University of Arts is pleased to announce a new BA study program in Painting within the Fine Arts Department. This will be the first bachelor's program of the Faculty of Visual Arts and Design with teaching in English and is dedicated, first of all, to foreign candidates from all over the world, but also to Romanian ones. The BA program offers both traditional and contemporary theories and painting practices.

Students are offered the opportunity to learn and deepen their understanding of the fundamental practices of drawing, color theory, pictorial composition, which are combined with theoretical platforms that define conceptual thinking from major periods in art history, from prehistory to the present.

Based on a complex curriculum and traditional teaching methods specific to the Academy of Fine Arts in Iași (founded in 1860), this BA Painting program offers revised academic learning methods that are adapted to current requirements, methods and practices, such as: image processing on computer, standard formats for the conception and transposition of a pictorial image (tempera, oil and acrylic painting on canvas) combined with techniques and technologies from other fields of visual art. Along with practical schooling, there will be an art management course to demonstrate to students how they can adapt to the current international art market.

The aim of the course is to build the student's visual resources and develop extensive cultural skills from a transdisciplinary perspective on reality, which allow graduates to cope with any field of activity that requires artistic creativity, but also to have a successful artistic career.

Invest confidence and passion in your talent and future!